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KM-CF-P1-A 1 ton household water purification machine with automatic back flushing

1. Household water purification machine with automatic back flushing.
2. Use the Carbon or Silica sand material to remove the dirty parts and chlorine.
3. Water purifier of center filter series is especially designed for purifying all daily drinking water , including drinking water, water for kitchen , rushing, bathing , washing colthes etc.
4. It is safe with instant drinkable water, productive , able to auto flush , easy to use and install , and low cost.
  • KM-CF-P1-A

  • Keman

  • 84212110

  • Type: Use the Carbon or Silica sand filtration material
  • Control mode: Automatic control valve
  • Capacity: 1 ton / hour
  • Applied range: Home or Commercial Water Treatment
  • Installation Method: Cabinet
  • Voltage: 220/110
  • Power: 18W
  • Certification : CE/ RoHs
  • Package : 1pcs / carton ( Yellow or Color )

Model number :  KM-CF-P1-A: 
1 ton household water purification machine.

1 ton household water filter  machine.
1 ton Home or commercial use Automatic control water filter machine :
1 ton Home or commercial use manual control water filter machine :
Water Treatment machine : 


Products  Applicat ions :

 Water purifier of center filter series is especially designed for the purifying all daily drinking water: including drinking water, water for kitchen, brushing, washing face, bathing, washing colothes etc .

• Installed in the main inlet pipe, a comprehensive purification of the family health water. Long-term use of pure water, but also can  effectively maintain water heaters and other water equipment, extend equipment life .
• Installed in the main inlet pipe, filter tap water, sediment, rust and other large particles of material, imported KDF, coconut shell  activated carbon and other core filter material, can absorb the health of tap water the greatest threat to chlorine and water color,  smell harmful substances, thereby improving the taste of purified water.
• It meets the water demand of family, institution, school, and enterprise, it is safe, with instant drinkable water, productive,  able to auto-flush, easy to use the install ,and low cost, center filter water purifier not only brings your healthy water,  moreover, brings you and your family quality life experience. 

Products Characteristics :

KM-CF-P1-A ( Cabinet Type Central Water Purification )
Home use automatic control water purification machine 
LCD or LED Electronic display water filter control Valve
Regeneration mode
Automatic(Timer by day:0-99 days / Timer by hours:0-99 hours )
Inlet & Outlet
1/2'', 3/4'', 1'' is avaliable
Resin Tank
10x17 or  09*17
Carbon or Silica sand Volume
10 L
Riser Pipe
1.05'' OD
Water Capacity
1 m3/H
Working Pressure
0.15-0.6 MPa
Working Temperature
5-50 degrees Celsius
Working Position
The water Purification machine with different control valve ,Then the machine   will with different working position , Normall as below :
1:Filter->Back Wash->Fast Rinse->Filter
Products Size
House, Villa, Office, Cafe, Restaurant, marketplace etc.

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